The demands of a goalie are without question much different than every other player on the ice. Your ability to move with freedom from one position to the next is critical to keep the gaps filled, even the smallest opening can offer enough room for the puck to squeak in. Ultimitely, this means program design off the ice must account for these unique demands on the ice. 


Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily – developing mobility involves a unique combination of joint range of motion, coordination, stability and strength.  Passive stretching is the most common and widely used method for improving joint range of motion. While these passive methods do serve a purpose in the process with this method alone you may not uncover your true ability to coordinate optimal movement in the net.  


Throughout our 12-week goalie mobility program you will learn how to enhance mobility as a whole.  This includes both passive and active forms of stretching to ultimitely enhance mobility as it relates to position specific demands.