Come join Zach Best for Mobility Fundamentals – throughout this 60minute session you will be introduced to a variety of different concepts and techniques to improve your mobility.

You will be taught how to coordinate your breath with your mobility routine.  This may be the single most overlooked aspect of mobility training – breathing is often described as the key to your central nervous system. This is because with specific breathing techniques you are able to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for allowing the body to relax – without coordinating your breath you may feel like you have the emergency brakes on!

You will gain awareness around your current capacity to move from the shoulders, wrist, hips & ankles while learning strategies to improve your capacity.

You will leave with a few new mobility training strategies to explore and improve your mobility on a daily basis! 


Who should attend? Everyone is welcome ages 14-18!
Where will the class he held? Western Fair Sports Centre (TPH)
When is it!? TBA
How much does it cost? $10+HST
Where do you register? ——————-> TBA