Off-Season Prep

Our off-season preparation program is a four week training block built to develop key movement patterns for strength, power and speed development.  Throughout this process you can expect to become aware of muscular imbalances while learning how to keep your body in high performance shape.  If you’re looking to maximize results throughout the off-season taking this preliminary step to drill fundamentals will allow your program to progress faster when we begin pushing physical limits.  The content we will be covering throughout this four week period can be started at the tail end of your season or immediately after finishing.

Time: 5:00-6:00pm

Monday & Wednesday


Time: 5:00-6:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday, May 7th – May 30th

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You will regularly see the performance pyramid appear (above) when we teach concepts of training for sport performance. Movement always makes up the base of the pyramid, first creating body awareness (movement) then translating this awareness into a specific skill.  We always need to develop the movement pre-requisites for a skill before the skill can ever be expressed properly! Ultimitely, when you express a skill well your results will improve dramatically! 

When we move up the pyramid to strength and conditioning its important to recognize that the exercises we use are skills.  For example a deadlift pattern is a skill we can use to develop strength. That said, before using a deadlift to develop strength it’s important to acquire the essential movement (control/body awareness) necessary for effective execution.  The same is true for sprinting, multi-directional speed and power training – there are fundamental pieces to all of these training avenues that will set the stage for long term development.  For this reason, at Total Package SSC the fundamentals are a non-negotiable piece of development – we want to see you reach your highest potential! 

If you want to make the most of this off-season, start with physical preparation.