Speed Fundamentals

Attention all High School Athletes!

Once each month you have the opportunity to drop-in and be coached by some of the leading Speed, Strength and Conditioning coaches in London, Ontario.  Josh Kirkpatrick (2018 Olympic Bobsleigh Athlete) and Trevor Williamson (Western Football Alum) have both achieved impressive feats in their athletic careers.  Since, they have devoted their careers to helping athletes build a competitive advantage through training designed to enhance physical performances.

Often a forgotten portion of complete training, speed is becoming a major competitive advantage in sports across all disciplines. The principles behind a strategic speed program draws parallels to all sports regardless of your focus. No different than strength training, speed training needs to be broken down to its most basic level and built back up. Angles, form, technique and attention to detail are critical in educating and creating a literate athlete.

Who should attend? Everyone is welcome ages 14-18!
Where will the class he held? Western Fair Sports Centre (TPH)
When is it!? TBA
How much does it cost? $10+HST
Where do you register? ——————-> TBA