Total Package Speed, Strength and Conditioning

Pathway To Success

Team Training

Moving your team toward one common goal

Focus is not on improving individual strengths or weaknesses

Ages 13 and Under

Team training for those athletes aged 13 and under will include a large focus on physical literacy. At Total Package Speed, Strength and Conditioning we stress that developing body awareness and control through movement is vital to long term athletic development. The graphic on the left illustrates movement as the foundation to success building up to strength, power and endurance and then finally skill as we grow.

We encourage these training sessions to be at least once a week. Each of the sessions will include both physical literacy focused on strength and then the fundamentals of linear speed or multi direction agility.

All of these steps are vital to long term success. We put such an emphasis on this formula as we have seen that those who focus on these steps early see much larger and longer term success later.

Ages 14 and Over

With team training at older ages we begin to shift the focus to building strength, power and speed through the fundamental movements we have worked so hard to  build. This does not mean we deviate from our focus of mastering movements but instead we understand that after our movements have been perfected we can move on. It is at this point we can continue to the next steps in our pyramid.

Illustrated on the graphic to the left, ages 14 and over can begin to move into strength, power and endurance as we have built the bottom layer correctly. We begin to introduce the idea of strength and speed training correctly through progressions, always focusing on the small details toward the larger goal. We also strongly encourage this training to be at least once a week so we can build a brain to body connection.

Skill is the cherry on top. When basic movements are mastered and strength,
speed and power start to improve, the dots begin to connect and transfer directly into skill. Regardless of sport, preparing athletes to be athletes is our focus and this will translate seamlessly.