Trevor Williamson

Trevor is currently the assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as the Speed and Agility Expert at Total Package Hockey/Total Package SSC. Trevor attended the University of Western Ontario on a Football scholarship, studying Kinesiology and Health Science. His experience as an athlete both on the field and in the weight room sparked his passion to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach himself. During his time playing football and training Trevor achieved the “Iron Horse” Award every year. This award is presented to the top percentile of athletes in regards to their combine/fitness performance testing. His personal experience and education has helped him learn all of the fundamentals of combine testing to maximize the competitive edge and has helped run multiple combines as well as prepping athletes for them. Trevor continues to strive to be in the best physical shape possible to better teach his athletes and constantly research and learn new things. Trevor enjoys creating detailed personalized training plans for his clients and athletes. He strongly believes that results are a product of your own hard work combined with proper individual programming.  Trevor’s competitive sports and training background give him a very strong foundation to help individuals maximize results and performance.
In addition to his University experience, Trevor has continued to educate himself through a variety of specialized courses related to nutrition and strength and conditioning.
-Canadian Fitness Professionals (PT)
-Michigan Wolverines Strength and Conditioning Coaching Clinic
-Michigan State Spartan Strength and Conditioning Clinic
-Nike: Speed Camp, Combine preparation